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Scrapbook: 3/23/2010

To wit…

On the advice of Cledwyn I decided to start up this practice of posting daily notes as a means to improve my own recall, and establish a middle ground between the black hole of a bookmark and the undue semi-permanence of papers and binders and journals.

Daily Links & Notes

  1. Text Without Context : Shared link with Cledwyn and got to talking about information overload & my own troubled relationship to memory and imperfect recall — namely, I hate it and wish I could remember everything. We discussed in some depth, leading to this post and — assuming I retain the discipline to continue the practice — subsequent posts in the series as well as some thoughts on how to bring knowledge management to a personal level. On this topic I shared some of the work (well, musings anyway) that I’d done in 04-06 and then again from time to time as I’d get inspired or angry (often angry and then inspired, of course). Something to pursue.

  2. We finalized the order of 3 iPads for work (WiFi + 3G). Very excited by the platform and think I can offer some really cool ideas and apps for internal use. Woo!

  3. Daily Deeds : I’m trying this app out to see if it’ll help me stay disciplined with recurring tasks. So far I like it better than Streaks because I can see more of the tasks at once (5) with 7 days of history. Of note, it doesn’t support the concept of anything but every day recurrence (hence, Daily Deeds) but I’m working around this by prefacing the name of weekly tasks with (w) and monthly with (m). I’ll follow up at some point with how I’m doing.

— to discipline!