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Scrapbook: 3/24/2010


Literature, comics, music, eZines, film… A bit of everything today!

Daily Links & Notes

  1. Wired magazine on the iPad : Pretty intriguing video about how Wired views it’s own future as iPad content. Also interesting that they partnered with Adobe to make it happen, given the whole Flash situation… I’m curious what authoring tools were used.
    Related is this article from a few days ago — iPad Magazines: Doing it Wrong. The Wired demo runs afoul of several of Cane’s points (eliminating the low-content cover, scrolling), but adheres to the others, and frankly appears to have innovated some very solid looking UI. Of course, video demos aren’t like holding the damn thing and seeing how it feels. I categorically agree that Apple ought to have tried much harder to provide at least guidelines, if not comprehensive tools for publishing zine-like content.

  2. Art of the Steal: On the Trail of the World’s Most Ingenious Thief is probably a bit hyperbolic, but a good read. What’s especially interesting to me is that Blanchard seems to have been fairly sloppy, perhaps overconfident. The anecdote about using a museum replica to trick the weight sensor for the Sisi Star strikes me as cartoonishly improbable and I’d never consider it credible out of context. Anyway, entertaining read… echoes of Frank Abagnale, Jr.

  3. Discussed Kafka on the Shore with a friend from work : agreed that we both found it only somewhat comprehensible, but somehow still liked it. I think that might just mean that we want to get some deeper meaning out of it, and feel like it’s there somewhere beyond our vision. shrug

  4. Justified : I’ve been curious about this FX original show for a while. Timothy Olyphant is pretty much always awesome, and the trailers looked good. Alas, no cable for me, so when I heard that the pilot episode was free on iTunes, I grabbed it. I thought some of the tropes were a little groan-worthy, but there’s some potential here. If they can tone down the camp and introduce levity in some other way, I think it could be great. Olyphant’s got the chops, just tighten up those lines, FX.

  5. Oh, also bought the most recent She & Him record, Volume Two. It’s pretty good. Pleasant, nothing unexpected in either a positive or negative way, but it’s a nice break from my normal diet of rock and electronic.

— oh man, it’s bed time!