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Scrapbook: 3/25/2010


I guess I spent a lot of time reading semi practical technology articles today. I also had a long talk with a friend about the vagaries of passion and how to be happy. Far too deep for a casual post like this.

Daily Links & Notes

  1. Yesterday in my intro I mentioned comics, then didn’t post the relevant link! I was referring to this… love the art.

  2. Wired magazine on the iPad & other Tablets : A different meaning of “on” vs. yesterday. I agree with almost all of this… the future of computing is going to be fought between Apple and Google, primarily, unless another player (Microsoft included) really steps up in a way that’s not currently obvious. Anyway, I certainly feel like the iPad signifies a really important moment in computing history, whatever becomes of the device itself.

  3. HTML 5 vs. Flash : CBS appears to be moving to the former, probably in part for the iPad, but I suspect more just because, as Gruber’s been saying, Flash is simply a technology on it’s way out… I’m really hoping more content providers follow suit.

  4. The Opposite of Fitts’ Law : Short but very true. It’s just as important to minimize the prominence of dangerous or rarely used UI elements as it is to maximize the prominence of the common & benign ones. No accidental ejector seat deployments!

  5. Lastly Scott Adams’ insights on curiosity. I’m simultaneously excited to try and put this into practice by being more attentive to the curiosity of others, and discouraged at how many times I’ve neglected or ignored this kind of thing. Eye opening.

— it’s been an emotional day