November 15, 2008

Vol. 12 — Emeryville Station & environs @ Emeryville, CA

We coasted down out of the forested mountains and into the northern bay area just as the sun was setting. In Sacramento, most of the people who’d been sharing the train with me since Chicago departed, and I didn’t even get a chance to say farewell, as I’d chosen that moment to shave and wash downstairs. After Sacramento we passed through the largely industrial regions along the water, and into the station, around which were a whole series of new and modern looking condos, apartments and shopping.

Walking from the train, I struck up on conversation with a guy, I guess about my age, named Aaron, from the Bronx. He’s the sort of earnest and passionate person I was expecting to meet out here, and we talked for about an hour while he waited for his ride to show up. A while back he’d had a similar, if more philanthropic, impulse as launched me on this trip, and had quit his job at Pfizer and searched for something more meaningful and genuine. He’d spent the past 6 months on a ranch in Colorado, working on an irrigation project of some sort, and was returning to the world, so to speak. We exchanged addresses and I hope to keep up some correspondence… certainly he’s the coolest person I’ve met so far... though perhaps only the most similar to myself.