November 16, 2008

Vol. 13 — The Coast Starlight @ northern California

The impetus behind taking this trip has, from the start, been a bit unclear even to me. I could think up some reasons, but ultimately it all comes down to the fact that I was thinking about trains, saw a period of time when I wouldn’t be attached to a day job or a physical place and could at least kind of justify it to myself.

It occurred to me that I might have inadvertently dressed this up in the guise of a sort of voyage of self-discovery or some such. I think really that the relevant self discovery happened before I ever left. So really, maybe it’s a matter of drawing a line of demarcation between how I have been and how I wish to be in the future. I don’t know, maybe I figure that doing one thing I’ve never done before will give me the confidence, or at least the psychological support, to do all the other things I’ve never done before, but hope to build a lifestyle around.

Anyway, as I muse here, the landscape has changed yet again. The open spaces are sort of dry looking and covered with scrubby bushes that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Nevada yesterday except for the fact that occasionally a large and irregular stand of moderately tall evergreens will appear. The mountains here are green too, if misty, and occasionally one peak will be visible above the rest, rising high enough to take on a mantle of snow and dominate the surroundings.