November 21, 2008

Vol. 19 — Ventura, CA

Ventura Nights

I wandered a bit more after writing this afternoon’s rambling missive and wound up (by design, certainly, though on a sort of random path) at Corrales restaurant. Last night, on a search for cheap eats in the vicinity of my hotel, and not wanting to venture too far in the unfamiliar territory at night, I walked past it and was struck by a craving for Mexican food, but alas they were (just) closed. I managed to acquire a very serviceable hamburger at a nearby diner, but that did nothing to allay my desire for Mexican.

Corrales operates an outdoor window which was, even at 2:30 in the afternoon, quite well attended. My perusal of the menu led me to believe that burritos were their specialty, so I ordered a pork burrito in a “colorado” sauce and a Dr. Pepper (which Californians seem to approve of as much as I do, thankfully). I waited about 20 minutes, but was well rewarded with some of the best authentic style mexican food I’ve had. This isn’t Chipotle, and in all honesty doesn’t even really compete with it… they engender completely different cravings and fill distinct gastronomical niches to me. At any rate, recommended without reservation.

In the evening I strolled back out to the beach and wrote in my journal. The evening tide looked to be a good deal stronger than the morning, and the crests two or three times higher, no doubt to the delight of the evening surf crew, one of whom would occasionally be caught in silhouette against the peaks of the Channel Islands off in the distance. All told, a very satisfying, if largely uneventful day… there’s something about sitting on the the beach, listening to the waves in the last hours of daylight that is quite eminently pleasant… something I could easily make a habit of were I to reside in such a place.