November 13, 2008

Vol. 3 — Union Station & environs @ Chicago, IL

Chicago Union Station
Does that staircase look familiar?

On arrival, I was contemplating meeting Miss IL for lunch, but it became clear that I made some errors in judgement regarding the quantity, composition and location of clothing for this trip. My backpack is far too heavy to haul around much, and I’m too paranoid to leave it in a locker with my laptop in it (not to mention all the other tech in there). Frankly I just brought way too much stuff, particularly considering I should have fairly consistent access to wash facilities.

So I’ve removed a volume of clothing from both bags, redistributed things a bit, and now have a backpack that can be carried around town with not-unreasonable effort, and a roller bag that’s fuller and heavier. The downside is that I now have to truck these removed pieces to a UPS store a few blocks away and mail them home to my folks. Probably only a $20 fuckup, but annoying nonetheless. I always overpack, even when I’m actively trying not to.

Also of note : compression bags are awesome, but they reduce access to the stuff in them considerably. Undeniably good for situations where you’ll be going to one place for a longer period of time and want to maximize options. Not so good for situations where you don’t really know what you’ll need from day to day and are generally living out of your bag(s). Lessons learned.

Alas, the worst of it is that I’ll miss having lunch with my friend. I’ll be back to crash on her couch for a few days in early December though, so we’ll be able to make up for it.