November 14, 2008

Vol. 8 — The California Zephyr @ the banks of the Colorado River

The Colorado

Sensibly, the train follows the course of the Colorado River starting a few miles past Fraser. It’s become a pretty clear and sunny day, with views all the way to the next ridge on all sides. This is apparently horse country and each meander of the the river and tracks reveals another ranch nestled into the land inside the bend, with the river as a border around it, a few trees, and a group of horses trotting around their enclosure.

Here the rocks are clay red or gray, the trees little more than bushes, and the valleys a bit more expansive than they have been. It’s a softer, less extreme feeling area, though I expect that in the dead of winter the dirt roads are impassable and the power and phone lines unreliable. So, maybe not so very soft after all.